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Darron Gibson quits Twitter after two hours following abuse

As footballers rush to join the social networking revolution that is Twitter, they may want to pause and reconsider following Darron Gibson's sobering experience.

The Manchester United midfielder – perhaps inspired by his team-mate Wayne Rooney's ability to attract nearly 200,000 followers within two days of joining the site – opened his own account at midday. The launch was greeted with much fanfare by Gibson's captain at United, Rio Ferdinand, who tweeted: "We have a new member from the Man utd crew... @dgibbo28 has joined twitterverse show him some love tweeps!"

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zeddy4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

harsh but true. he was terrible on saturday, the one thing he's supposed to be good at is his shooting from range and he could even do that!


He's an embarrassment to our midfield, brings absolutely nothing to the team. Can't shoot, can't pass, can't tackle, can't nothing!
90% of the time I'm shouting at the TV is because he is on the ball. he's nearly 25 and he's supposed to be partnering the likes of Scholes and Carrick in our midfield but he is absolutely useless. GET HIM OFF OUR TEAM!!

But yeah I guess those twitter comments were harsh...

KazumaKiryu4078d ago

Bloody hell, you're a disgrace to your team.

How can you talk about one of your players like that. Yeah he may not be good but atleast show some respect.


Ok maybe I'm going over the top and you're right, players don't deserve that kind of abuse, I apologise. But I've been watching Gibson for the past 4-5 years and he's made absolutely no progress at all. If he was younger like a teenager I would understand he needs more time but he isn't. I'm tired of seeing him get picked for big games than gets substitute half way through the match, it's like we all know he's bad but we just play him anyway.
I'm sure he's a good person but he's honestly better off playing for a mid table team, even the Ireland manager would agree.

KazumaKiryu4078d ago

Apologies for my comment mate, it was rather harsh.

No disrespect but fergie sees him day in day out so maybe he sees something in him that is worth keeping.
We had the same issue with Babel where apparently in training he was outstanding but could hardly ever apply it when it mattered or when he did he was never consistent.

In the end we got rid, so maybe the outcome will be same for gibson.


No problem.
I don't know what's on Fergie's mind but I'm pretty sure he's desperate to see another player come through the United academy but he needs to know Gibson doesn't look like that player. I've just been so frustrated with United's central midfield that I seriously hope it gets sorted out this summer.

KazumaKiryu4078d ago

You're right about your midfield. Scholes and giggs need replacements and carrick is not good enough. The reason why we beat your lot a few weeks ago was partly because we won the midfield battle.

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4079d ago