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City to meet over 'Munich' chants

Manchester City will hold a series of behind-the-scenes meetings to respond to Monday's repeated chants referring to the Munich air crash.

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zootang4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

It's strange because there was a former City player who became a journalist that died in the crash. No place for this kind of thing in our game.

United - A drama starring david tennant.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand

Vherostar4085d ago

There isn't a place I am a blue myself and am sickened by the few fans that chanted it as are most City fans. Whats annoying me like most other fans is the fact we all getting labelled with this crap like we all chanted it. People gone overload as they not used to City fans doing it as it's usually united fans in the media doing these sort of things chanting awful things and fighting outside games.

zootang4085d ago

So you just belittle your own point by saying all United fans do the same. That's funny and city fans like you that have a go at United are just bitter because you haven't won a thing for 34 years.

Get over it and lets hope you win the FA cup so you can stop going on about us.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

kulka4086d ago

It's just sick to laugh at such things