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‘I am not going to Manchester United’ - Liverpool's Pepe Reina rules out summer switch to rivals

Keeper says he doesn't know if he is a candidate to become Old Trafford's number one next year, but won't be switching allegiances even if he is.

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kulka4077d ago

This is great news for Liverpool we will keep all our great players get rid of flops buy good players and will have a good team next year hope we can challange for the league

sokrates4077d ago

If United makes a bid, I guess he goes. Torres said something similar... He left when the bid was made.

freeduck4077d ago

Except that Reina is not stupid. He said many times that Liverpool has a bright future under the new owners and Dalglish, so why would he leave if he understands that? Unfortunately, Torres did not realize how amazing Dalglish is and where the club is heading. Our last premier league title came from Dalglish, and our next one will come from Dalglish

KazumaKiryu4077d ago

Torres was an axception in that he was handled very badly by the club. The cancerous owners that we had had lied to him time and time again and the incompetant medical staff at the time played him though injury and ruined his world cup. So he must have thought enough is enough I want to leave but that doesn't excuse him for his comments after he left.

zootang4076d ago


"He said many times that Liverpool has a bright future under the new owner"

I'm pretty sure that's what people said about the last owners.

Vherostar4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Torres wanted CL Reina doesn't really care about that. As for this Dalglish nonsense fans win a few games under him and think he is the greatest manager in the world again.. If he was that good he would never have been moved on in the first place lets be honest. I still think they are too weak for a CL spot but summer could definetly change that but whos spot they gonna take?? City are just gonna get better as are United and maybe Chelsea.. My bets on Arsenals spots up for grabs..

freeduck4076d ago

Really, only ManU fans say that Kenny is not a big deal
No one said anything about Liverpool being 4th, I doubt that too
Next season we will be premier league champions. All managers in the premier league fear Dalglish. Fergie even said that he is worried now that Liverpool are strong again.
Reina also wants CL. He wants to win trophies and he believes that Liverpool will win in the near future

Probably has been said. But these new owners are different. They actually have experience with a sports club (Red Sox) and they are highly regarded, so I trust them.

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kulka4077d ago

Doubt it Toress left only because chelsea offered crazy money which united wont for reina

freeduck4077d ago

Torres leaving didn't have much to do with money. He was fine leaving Liverpool for 35 million so he sent his transfer request, but no way in hell are we going to get rid of Torres for that low price so we rejected it fast.

Vherostar4076d ago

He left because he was unhappy not being in the CL and looking like he wasn't gonna be in it for yet another year and looks like he was right to do so too. Players like him care about CL football END of.