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Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo sick of Barcelona getting decisions from the referee

Real Madrid put in a strong defensive performance against arch rivals Barcelona on Wednesday evening, but they eventually conceded two goals in the closing stages of the Champions League semi-final first leg after Pepe received his marching orders.

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sokrates3669d ago

I disagree. The red card was a huge failure of the ref, and thats about it. Its not something that happens "evry time".

Corepred43669d ago

Well it's happened the last 2 times these two teams have met, hasn't it?

DixieNormS3669d ago

Cry me a river. He had his cleats up in the air. According to the rules its a red. Just stop crying. Your team sucks when they play Barca and only when they play Barca. Just leave it at that.

Corepred43669d ago

According to the rules, lol. What an idiot. I've been looking for a replay of that foul cause i could have sworn he hit the ball first.