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Jose Mourinho: If Barcelona win the Champions League this year, it will be the 'Bernabeu scandal'

Jose Mourinho was left lamenting the referee’s performance in Wednesday night’s Champions League semi-final first leg clash which saw Barcelona condemn Real Madrid to the first home loss in this season's European competition.

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ultramoot4079d ago

Excuses are starting to get old, Jose. You have a group of world class players. Why don't you start making them play "football", rather than "defend defend defend.....then wish for a lucky goal"?

Yi-Long4079d ago

... the outcome to the Chelsea-Barca matches were an absolute disgrace back then, and yesterday Pepe was sent off because of play-acting by Alves.

That red for Pepe was justified though, because of the 'intention', but why Alves was rolling on the ground in agony like so many Barca players did last night, is a mystery, cause he didn't get hit by the tackle.

Busquets and Pedro were sickening as well.

2 great goals though, of which the 2nd one was absolutely amazing.

Anderson84078d ago

agreed, people get caught up in the beautiful football they play(which is understandable) but the play acting, diving, crowding the ref after every decision, fake card gestures are a disgrace to the game...

these are top professionals and are roll models for everyone else in the game whether they like it or not.. they need to behave better or else this kind of game will become common place in all leagues

i was quite disgusted by what i saw, especially from busgetes, pedro, pinto and valdes who ran 30 yards after the pepe challenge to start brandishing an imaginary red...

still all this will be overshadowed by messi's goal and everyone will start singing barca's praises

DixieNormS4078d ago

you guys make me laugh. Mourinho lost at his own game. Talking crap before a game, Pep Guardiola decides to talk back and guess who loses their head at the end of the match. Mourinho, that's who. He decides to bring up old games. He is just a pissed off old fuck who can't make the best players in the world play good football when it matters and being at home. Even Ramos should have been sent of for clothes lining Messi. or marcelo stepping on Pedro on pourpose. Wasthe game ruined by the red card. Probably, But did messi really drive past 4 or 5 guys to get his goal?

zootang4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

"In tight games they rely on cheating to help them win. Their games are disrupted by endless disputes, fouls, outrageous play-acting and generally unmanly behaviour. To pretend otherwise is delusion. Is this why you love them?"

Football 365

Raider694078d ago

You havent seen Mourinho game!Maybe you shoud take a look at Inter-Barca final to see what Pepe.G is going to have against in the next match.I bet Mourinho is going to teach Pepe.G that football haves lots of ways to achieve goals.

mastiffchild4078d ago

The thing is Barca HAVE been the recipients of some of the most disgraceful refereeing and officiating scandals in Uefa's recent history.

Granted, Jose has a bee in his bonnet because of a legit(though little to do with Jose himself)anti-Chelsea bias in UEFA which first reared its head as long ago as the season BEFORE he came to the Bridge. Uefa desperately hate the idea of Abramovic winning the CL. Jose just got caught in the crossfire of the amazing ref nobbling(Frisk/Rijkaard at Camp Nou-Steve Clarke is the most honourable man I ever met and told the truth)and the joke decision to allow Luis Garcia's "goal" at Anfield. Moaning about anti ~Real sentiments at Uefa, though? No. Just , no.

Contrast the class of Hiddink after watching his masterminded Chelsea outplaying the "most amazing side ever (TM)" over two legs in 2009 only to see the justice of football shat on by Platini, Gaillard and Co. They said "we do NOT want Chelsea to win" before the second leg as there was to be no repeat of the previous years all prem affair. Ashley Cole made Messi look amateur in both games(no mean feat)and Essien negated Iniesta in Spain before pushing him backwards in London allowing Chelsea to dominate a supposedly unbeatable Barca.

Yes, contrast Jose's reaction with Gus' that night. A night where not three or four possible penalty claims were turned down buit SIX definite penalties. A night where a ref(Ovrebo-my Scandi spelling sucks and I never saw him again)managed to send off a Barca player(Abidal-who was playing so badly you could argue it a tactical switch with nothing being preferable to Barca's worst ever player)on about the only tackle he made all night that was OK! So there was a nod to inewptitudew but the fact is had he got even one tenth of the big decisions right Barca would have lost that night and Uefa might just have become more humble and less corrupt but with Anglophobe in chief at the helm there's no hope for a club (oft rumoured to be without morals, ironically)which, very honourably refused every G18 approach made to them while Gaillard, Platini and their England, but mainly Chelsea, hating lackeys keep on troughing down the freebies offered top keep the spurious status quo going ad nauseum.

So, remember just Gus from THAT evening or, like myself, you'll never take a Euro game seriously-ever. Barca and the sainted Pep were scum.

mastiffchild4078d ago

Please, don't take this as any form of support for the team still buoyed by Franco fascisrt ideals to this day as it certainly isn't(and it's not like my own clubs links with Combat 18 are ANY better)- no: the BS "you HAVE to love Barca-the football, the romance, the fan owned dream!" is what irks. The way they're(like effin Aresnal-that failed experiment in Wenger's Ego tent)the team you MUST root for IF you like football annoys me when they have MORE cheats than any team on the planet and are from a really odd Catalan(and proper Catalan culture I LOVE just not the twisted Boixos Nois BS)inferiority complex they perpetuate falsely themselves to romance the club further(Espanol is a MUCH more romantic choice-for real)-every single interview any club rep gives.

Barca are a good team with a couple of solid gold world class players topped by Villa and Iniesta rather than the eye catching though, for a good full back easily shackled, Messi. However, saints they're not(not since Lineker anyway!!)and theuir meek acceptance of anything thrown their way by Uefa's chelsea and England hating leadership proves this. As do trhe coutless games against less favoured ations sides they routinely get away with EVERY dive MNesi makes without, somehow, ever tarnishing his rep-god I miss Maradona and Zidane and Cryuff and Gullit-a true talent and not a mealy mouthed two faced actor like the undeniably talented but ultimately dull Messi. Gimme magic Lionel and admit the faults too-then EVERYONE will respect you because, you should already know, not everyone is EVER going to like you. Not even close.

Most of all though- I miss watching Barca and thinking the ref will have no bearing on the result or even on the rare times like when the genius of Gus brought Pep low the whores of Uefa rescued their cash cow. How I pray for an o.ligarch to pump bliions into my beloved Espanyol. What WOULD the bias look like then we wonder. No we don't, we already see it at Barca derbies where Espanyol struggle to win more than a throw in per games. Sod you Barca, sod your crying about Franco and Sod Uefa for allowing it to ruin EU football. Amnd, I really mean thius. SOD the British media for making out only Barca EVER "got" football. Clough got it, Fergie gets it, Shankley and Paisley got it-and even if you might hate it Jose "gets" it too-much better than any of you hacks do either.

Who the HELL wants the favourite to win once your team's out anyway? Football media and Barca are KILLING romance and football at the same time. Sod em. Seriously, I DESPISE Man Utd but EVERY ounce of my royal blue blood will be ready to spill for the hated Rooney and Rio that Wembley evening. Because I'm English? God NO?! International football is the one thing I lothe more than this kind of crap.
No. I will support Utd because I refuse to be the victim of this glib footy propaganda that lies by saying ONLY Barca have this fairy dust allowing the beautiful game to flow correctly.

Then again, don't assume Jose is as stupid as you'd all like to either. My prayers are with you Special One. even now. Stick your money on and extra time Real away goals win with Adebayor making his one difference a season.

Sahil4079d ago

"I respect him (Barca coach Pep Guardiola) a great deal as a coach and a person... but I would like to see him win a Champions League without scandals."

Mourinho, you need help.

CYBERSNAKE4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I admit Real Madrid were poor and their team have got a bunch of dirty little cheaters but Barca showed their true colours yesterday, their just as bad if not worser when it comes to their play acting.
Pepe's red card was never a sending off and pretty much ruined the whole game.
The whole match was a disgrace. El Classico? More like El Cheato.

Pacman3214078d ago

So true, im glad theres hardly any play acting in the premier league.

krazykombatant4079d ago

Still it would be nice to see barca go against 11 men more often.

zootang4078d ago

Very true. Messi had as much influence as did the sending off of Pepe.

Anderson84078d ago

mourinho talks too much, but he does talk sense... the barca chelsea game from two yrs back was a scandal and did make me wonder if it was fixed as i've never seen that many bad decisions in one game and blater and platini always go on about their disdain for english clubs dominance and love of the spanish and itatlian league... maybe i'm being too paranoid

4079d ago
FootballZilla4078d ago

Pepe have not got sent off Barcelona wouldnt not scored one goal...

And at the camp nou it would be hard to score again... with pepe in midfield and carvalho back..


Dani Alves deserved second yellow...

Adebayor challange deserved a red card more than pepe lol...

Final score should of been 0-0.

krazykombatant4078d ago

yeah this ref made sure he could do as much as possible as to have a huge impact in this game and THE NEXT... with no pepe, ramos or arbeloa i don't see how we can come back... Either way HALA MADRID!

zico4078d ago

Mourinho need help! He is totally loosing face! Young people shouldn`t see this. Accept that you lost against a better team!

Yi-Long4078d ago

... after they cheated and got an opponent sent of.

It's unworthy of the legacy of Cruyff.

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