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Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona: Mourinho’s Conspiracy Theory Tops a Shameful Night

Did you know the number 52 is an untouchable number? Well Lionel Messi scored his 52nd goal of the season in untouchable fashion. With a one-two from Sergio Busquets, Messi was off on another trademark run, as he ruthlessly pillaged the Schalke like space in between Marcelo and Raúl Albiol.

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zootang4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

It would be nice to see Barca play 11 men. Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid all have a right to be frustrated. Any team can look fantastic against 10 men.

Sahil4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

"Any team can look fantastic against 10 men."

Yeah, right..

you looked SUPERB & BRILLIANT in the FA Cup against Liverpool with gerrard sent off. False penalty and after we went to 10-men, you were simply sh*t.

"It would be nice to see Barca play 11 men." are you copy-pasting it in every post, GET OVER IT!

zootang4082d ago

Liverpool? Go back to watching the Europa Leag... oh wait.... can't even stay in that, lol. You are living in the past mate. You slag United of at any chance and are just outright delusional with predictions of Uniteds supposed downfall. You can't keep United out of your mouth.

Do you not find it strange that Barca always end up with one man more when things don't go there way. You must be able to see that?

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Rockstar_Panda4082d ago

When things don't go their way? A draw, in the first of two matches, away is not a good result? Besides, Real was pretty lucky ending with ten men (Arbeloa, Adebayor)

Sahil4082d ago

"Living in the past" the match ended yesterday, get over it, writing the same thing in all the posts won't get you an EASY opponent in the final, GEEZ... hahaha

Yes, Barca do end up with one more man
"when things don't go there way" don't tell me you saw the match.. did you see their possession, they just needed to hold the ball until a draw (isn't that what you want.. playing away in the semi-final of CL), u r funny.

If ur lucky, u'll see 9 man walking off the pitch with their head down on 28th may :)

zootang4082d ago

Yeah we'll see. I'm just proud that this will be the 3rd champions league final for my club in 4 years. Rooney, Chicha, Valencia will be on fire! Ferdinand, Vidic and Rafael will hold the line. The rest just have to put a shift in.
We have a chance unlike sorry Liverpool who haven't even got a chance to get into the champions league, lol.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand