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Top Ten Football Divers In the World Today

A list of those who find it hard to stay on their feet.

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nieuwland144078d ago

Ronaldo 7, he whines whenever he loses the ball!

Corepred44077d ago

And people like you whine about him all the time! Even though I noticed that he does dive more than he should, I also noticed that a lot of players go hard at CR7 and do tend to knock him off the ball no matter what.

crazyturkey4077d ago

Sometimes when players dive a lot or pretend to be injured to get another player sent off, I wish someone would just break their leg just to give them a real reason to cry and stay in the floor.
Refs. by now should know that if a player is rolling around the pitch it means the player is not injured. Also if a player is constantly asking for yellow cards every time someone touches them give him a card too.

Senden4077d ago

This article should be labelled "top ten divers in mainstream world football". Clearly the writer doesn't follow many leagues and with the exception of Krasic, I'd argue he doesn't even follow world football outside the champions league. Sergio Busquets is hardly the worst diver and once again with the exception of Krasic I'd even argue that the list was based on premier league opinions and the el classico match.