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Images show Pepe did not touch Alves

Video shows Pepe did not touch Alves, plus a collection of Barca's disgraceful antics during last night's El Classico.

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freeduck4078d ago

I like barca but that was pathetic

Yi-Long4078d ago

... but it seems that in all the BIG matches they lower themselfs to these cheap tactics to get opponents sent off.

It's disgraceful and it's unworthy of the legacy of Cruyff.

HxCGamer4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

barca shines only against low class teams

yes i get it people like barcelona but more of the new fans only do cz they are obsessed with messi or because when they beat the low class teams they win by a lot of goals or just cz its the friggen name to like nowadays...

but this is how they act every time they play a team that has a great chance to win, like real madrid, and trust me they will act the same against man u

Real Madrid beat them the game before so they had to resort to this? They are cheaters
Honestly, yes the second goal by messi was excellent, but i think people can realize that if someone touched messi, while on that run, it wouldve been a definite red card... more acting and diving wouldve occured...

oh and not only were they diving but whenever someone dived everyone on the team would surround the referee, including the goalie, asking him to give out cards... seriously?!

I love real madrid! i think they got cheated out... but we will come back, we have a young team! we have class!

i love liverpool so i would never cheer for man u in a final, but i really hope they win... because i can appreciate real football and in this past games one can see man u is playing real football, not any of this diving shit... cant believe i'm saying this...
united we stand...


DixieNormS4077d ago

Really HxCgamer. Ronaldo used to be my favorite player in the world untill he starterd using these same kind of tactics. Diving and complaining at balls he would lose. Get a life. Real plays hard but over do it. Regardless of pepe not touching alves he still had his cleets up in the air which according to the rules. The ref can give a red if he deems proper. Stop pretending like your team don't do the same. believe u are just upset over your team getting out played in 2 of the 3 matches. I am a man u supporter. So I hope they win. But if you think the game got ruined by the refs u a are dillusional. U lost because your team didn't play Real Madrids football. end of stroy.

zeddy4077d ago

busquets should get a ban or at the least a fine for that.

Nightfallen4077d ago

Thats not the only time he did something pathetic like this. For some reason Busquets face looks like you just want to smack your fist into his eyeballs.

Theo11304078d ago

Disgusting to football, Jose is right, I would be ashamed if i won like that. I can't believe im saying this, but I hope united win.

FReeDoM4ALL4077d ago

If they were the greatest team in the world they would not need to resort to cheating tactics. Perhaps the greatest team... at cheating.

ultramoot4077d ago

To be fair, pictures also showed that Nani had a huge gash on his shin after Carragher's tackle -

Which turned out to be just blood stains from the small puncture at the top -

Pictures can be used for or against any situation depending on how the person wants you to see it.

DixieNormS4077d ago

how does it explain the 2 weeks he had to take off.

ultramoot4077d ago

You're right, doctor. Huge muscle gashes 4-inch wide and an inch deep only need 2 weeks to heal. (BTW, I want whatever super-medicine they're using at United.)

heidenh4077d ago

Barca is all crap.....they have no honour and does not deserve to win with all the cheating.....

Mourinho is right......! Barca needs to play football and stop the show of shame.......

ultramoot4077d ago

"Barca needs to play football"? Stuffing 11 men in your own penalty box for a majority of the match is "playing football"? By that logic, Arsenal were the best football players in the history of the Champions League and they totally deserved to win 50-0 against Barca at Camp Nou.

CYBERSNAKE4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Yeah but Arsenal dont have Messi, when Barca can't find a way through, they turn to Messi to break the deadlock. His 52 goals this season is an incredible achievement especially considering most of them are wonder goals. He's single handedly carrying them this season, and when Barca nor Messi can get passed a good defence, they have to resort to getting a player sent off from the opposition, then the game opens up for them. You might not have noticed it but it's a pathetic tactic they have been using in the past few years and I'm getting sick of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.