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Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish mulls £5m move for Newcastle bad boy Joey Barton

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is considering a £5million move for Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton.

Dalglish has long followed the 28-year-old's progress and, while he recognises such a move would be controversial, he believes Barton's ability merits serious consideration.

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ultramoot4082d ago

HAHAHAHA! Yeah right. FSG are looking to build on younger and potential world class players while building up squad harmony and unity. So Kenny's looking to sign a foul-mouthed, 28-year old established troublemaker with an oversized ego, who has no qualms about fighting against his teammates on and off the field. Yeah, that makes sense.

kulka4082d ago

he is an idiot signing him would ruin morale within the club