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Video: Mourinho the Hypocrite

Jose Mourinho has the nerve to ask “Why?“!

Watch this video and tell us what you think.

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HxCGamer4074d ago

all this video does does is show barcelona falling
they clearly got unlucky some of the years but that is no reason to resort to cheap diving tactics

if somebody touches them, they pretend their friggen appendix bursted and collapse and start rolling around

DixieNormS4074d ago

U are still crying HxCgamer. LOL

Sahil4073d ago

He's waiting for the second leg like everyone else :)

HxCGamer4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

lol umm... not really, as ive stated before we have a young team and they still need to develop

haha the barcelona fangirls are the ones making videos like this

wayyy too much time one their handsss

and even someone like u can admit this video is ridiculously biased

Sahil4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

hey, what do you mean.. someone like you, i don't hate real or love barcelona

"haha the barcelona fangirls are the ones making videos like this"

madrid fangirls are also making up these kind of videos

Pipa4074d ago

And I read the user who created the video and I think: He lost his creadibility. So, I ask: jealousy? Ah, and Guardiola tries to start mind games with Mourinho and then he says that he will not going to keep with that?

FReeDoM4ALL4074d ago

Both sides are guilty in one way or another... but this is a very biased video. Even the incident of pepe being sent off was shown to be fake since dani alves was not touched!

Sahil4073d ago

Agree, this video has been photoshopped or something..LOL