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Highlights: Real Sociedad 2–1 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 30/04/2011)

0-1 Thiago 29'
1-1 D. Ifran 71'
2-1 X. Prieto (pen.) 82'

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ohahCantona4076d ago

surprising afternoon in LaLiga today....

Yi-Long4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

... the ref didn't send anyone from the other team off(!)


Anyway, I watched the match, and Barcelona were OK, but they lacked creativity up front. A player like Afellay can easily outplay a couple of defenders, and so can Messi(obviously), but Afellay hardly even tries cause he seems too affraid to make a mistake, so he rather plays it safe to a teammate.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Afellay and I've seen him play for years in the Eredivisie, but he should throw of his shackles and start doing his thing.

Real Sociedad had a good 2nd half, especially after their equalizer, and they had the guts to play football and go for it.

Let's hope Madrid shows some guts as well in the 2nd leg, so we might see a great game this week.

The Hunter4076d ago

Real and Barca lost.. Think they gived everything in the last CL macth eachother ;)

zico4076d ago

I was laughting at Real earlier today, but now I`m quiet;-)

both teams (Real and Barca) have probably taken into all the media attention that has been around the clubs, players, coaches the last few days.

BUT well done Real Sociedad (and Real Zaragoza)

Sahil4075d ago

Seriously.. I couldn't believe my eyes, the weak teams are turning up at the right time :)

Maradona4076d ago

Not much focus on la liga now. However not much of chances for Real in CL.

Sahil4075d ago

They don't even have to play to secure the second spot in La Liga, valencia is way behind :)