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The Future of Arsenal FC?

Speculations have begun about potential signings for Arsenal Football Club this summer. The Manager has been given a £40 million transfer kitty, and Wenger stated that some additions will take place during the transfer market.

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nieuwland144073d ago

they are in deperate need of a solid goalkeeper.

The_Nameless_One4072d ago

Naa...Szczęsny is good but he is young and lack experience. Most of his mistakes are rookie mistakes but he has a lot of potential. I can see him shine under a good goalkeeper coach.

They are in more desperate need of a solid center back and a decent defensive midfielder. Most of the goals they conceded this year have been from a lacking defense.

zinedine4073d ago

I think Arsenal should look into a new coach...

freeduck4073d ago

Agree, Arsenal will not win anything under Wenger

zeddy4073d ago

he needs to start signing actual mature players rather than ten year olds. he great success with viera, ljunberg, pires, cambpell, keown, seaman and henry who were all mature players. he cant afford to wait for young players to develop or their going to get left behind.

Theo11304073d ago

Guus Hidink would be a great choice, it would give them a backbone they've been missing for a while.

Sahil4073d ago

Arsenal need centre-backs.. that's it and stop with the "PERFECT GOAL" sh!t, it's enough.


Arsenal are more than capable of beating the best teams in the world it's just when they really need a win in a big match, they just choke under pressure (Carling cup final, Barca, etc). Wenger isn't really the problem, I just find it odd why he's reluctant to spend on new players, clearly they need 2 experienced centre backs and a striker who can get 20 goals a season. If he can do that, we're in for one hell of a title race next season.
Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City will all going for the crown next season.