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Highlights: Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United (English Premier League - 01/05/2011)

1-0 A. Ramsey 56'

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zootang4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

United looked tired today, obviously the extra game took its toll. Let's just hope we don't do an Arsenal and blow the lot. Barca and Real both lost to lesser opponents this weekend. No worries.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

RESPECT - Never seen such a club play with such passion this year, Arsenal deserve it.

zico4073d ago

two weeks ago I thought United had the title. But now it`s gonna be a great race between Chelsea and it.

genocidegeneral2154073d ago

played united of the park ,
and jesus uniteds got midfield problems , carrick anderson and park = awful,
how many times does park want to fall over in a match!?!
but well played arsenal.

Anderson84073d ago

your calling the midfield of the team at the top of the table and on its way into the champions league final awful....

...are you a liverpool fan ?


I'm a Man United fan from birth who actually lives in Manchester. I ain't no scum Liverpool fan and even I know that United have BIG midfield problems. Regardless of where United are in the league and the Champions League our Midfield is non existent. To be honest its only because of the ability to play for the full 90 minutes and 'Believe' that we can still get a result even when losing with seconds to spare, that we are still in these title races. I'm sorry but we don't have a strong midfield at all Centrally, we have No Roy Keanes, Brian Robsons sitting in the centre, big strong characters that can defend and make goal opportunities at the drop of a hat. Still don't agree with me..... then why the fuck do we need an Attacker (Rooney) to fall back all throughout a match to do the job as well as his own to help put and frequently help out and assist the central 2. I'm a real Man United fan and I agree that the Midfield is appalling.

genocidegeneral2154073d ago

no im a united fan,
i just reconginze the problems,
the midfield we put out last night was not up to par,
the performance was awful,
and you can stick up for your faveroute team all you want but its the truth, anderson and the rest cant hold the ball up arsenal dominated the midfield.

Anderson84072d ago

arsenal always dominate the midfield when we play them its been like that for the past few years, we just normally annihilate them on the counter attack.. i think you guys are forgetting how good arsenal are at keeping the ball..

i'm not saying we dont have midfield problems.. i think carrick should never have been given a new contract as his play is too one dimensional we do lack an enforcer and a creative midfielder as scholes cant go on forever.. but to call them awful is stupid you dont get to the top of the prem with an awful midfield.. they're not as good as previous players we've had and a few are not even close to being man united caliber player(gibson) but they are good at working together.. they dominated againt chelsea just 2 weeks ago so i dont think its as bas as u may believe

Flashwave_UK4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Yessss we can still win the premier leauge we just need to win all our remaing games

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The story is too old to be commented.