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Real Madrid Set to Sack Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is on the brink of being sacked by Real Madrid – putting Premier League clubs on high alert.
People Sport understands that several members of Real’s hierarchy are furious over Mourinho’s embarrassing behaviour during and after the Champions League semi-final defeat by Barcelona.

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nieuwland144073d ago

maybe he will come back to chelsea :)

lukie1224073d ago

i hope so or hiddink :)

MaximusPrime4073d ago

Part of me wanted Carlos to stay and part of me want Jose to return to Chelsea.

Anderson84072d ago

jose will never return to chelsea with abramovich in charge

mastiffchild4072d ago

Reports suggest that the bridges between Roman and Jose are far, far from burned and the fly(Kenyon and Tenenbaum and Arnesen's relations with Jose/Roman) in THAT ointment died WAY back. Jose COULD go home to Chelsea but it would be madness if it were because Real sack him before giving him a chance.

As for Chelsea? Who knows? It makes my blue heart bleed to see the revolving manager's door making our proud club a shadow of what it could and should now be and Carlo is one of footballs genuine GOOD guys(like Gus in many senses but, to my mind a lesser coach)but will be gone even if an EPL miracle comes his way. Heart says Hiddink and so would my head if Turkey lose a game or two!! I still think a lot of mystery remains over the shameful treatment of Sir Raymond this season-his sacking remains a sodding mystery which single handedly derailed a football season for chels.

We can only hope it's because Roman actually has a plan, this time, and not just a whim on the go.

Sahil4073d ago

What? I thought he wud spend 2 more years in Spain.. Poor Jose.

zeddy4073d ago

sack him and then get who? sir alex or wenger? sacking him would be a big mistake.

Anderson84072d ago

agreed they should wait atleast another year.. he would probably leave for england if he won the champions league there next yr anyway

Mozilla894073d ago

I want Ancelotti to stay. I'll admit that I didn't follow football when Jose was the manager so I don't have that experience of having him manage a team I support.

However, people need to get over him and move on. There are other coaches that can win the club trophies like the one we have right now. The fact that he won the double in his first year and has us in a position to maybe win the league again despite the crap season we've had says a lot. Besides Mourinho doesn't talk with his eyebrow permanently raised like Ancelotti does!

Theo11304073d ago

They are not going to sack jose, He won a trophy, got past the round of 16 in the champions league after 7 years of coming short, and Has the backing of the Madrid press, club except Valdano, and the fans. HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE until after next season, or until he wins the CL.

Pipa4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I tottaly agree with you, mate.
Only if RM were dumb, they would sack Zé.

zico4072d ago

Agree with you. They will give him one more year to prove he can win La Liga and/or CL...

the question is: Will he buy some new players (I think they will) and who?

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