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Osama bin Laden: From soccer fan to deadly fanatic

The world’s most wanted terrorist was also a devoted family man and animal lover whose passions, as a youngster, were soccer, horses and picnics.

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Maradona4071d ago

Besides football, he looked like a very feminin person:)

Sahil4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"he looked like a very feminin person"

did you see his beard?.. LOL

arjman4070d ago

LOL which time period are you from?

Maradona4070d ago

yes but liked horses and picnics...

karim4070d ago

At least he died a happy man.Arsenal 1-0 Man Utd

gaden_malak4070d ago

devoted family man? Didn't he use one of his wives as a human shield?

Frak4070d ago

No he didn't idiot, stop watching glen beck

rwarner1744070d ago

No he only used a woman as a shield. Since it wasn't his wife that is much better. I wish they could of captured him so we could of set him on fire and threw him off a building much like many of his victims died.

4070d ago
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