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Xavi says Barcelona must not get into a war of words with Jose Mourinho

The World Cup winning midfielder wants his side to do all their talking on the pitch in Tuesday's semi-final second leg, and says his side have shown "exemplary conduct" in games.

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no_more_heroes4531d ago

*Off Topic*
God, it's good to be back. It seems I have a lot to catch up on. Nine days without internet access was...
let's just say it was ANNOYING AS HELL.

*On topic*
They've been getting into more than just a "war of words" given how these clasicos have been going.

Which reminds me, how did the first leg of the Euroclasico go?

Sahil4531d ago

Dude, looks like you missed a whole lot of football. Real 0-2 Barca

no_more_heroes4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

I shall use my clairvoyance and predict that Messi got one of them...

no_more_heroes4531d ago


So that means he's two goals away from breaking another record.

kulka4531d ago

Barca are 2-0 up after the first leg Ramos and Pepe are both suspended so Barca should finish the job ho[e it will be more entartaining than last 3