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AC Milan Unveil 2011/12 New Adidas Kit

New Rossoneri kit design looks timeless. Tight stripes, looks sharp and a good way to usher next season when no doubt Ac Milan will be the reigning Serie A title holders.

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I_find_it_funny4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Look, the Flamini's jersey is defferent, adidas and Milan logoas are way too separated on van Bommel and Seedorf, Flamini's is proper.
What a fuc*up on jersey presentation.

Sahil4074d ago

Nice kit, thin stripes look good but Adidas is f#cking up everyone's kit with their stripes on the shoulders, chelsea have the same kinda stripes this year.. CHE, LIV, Milan and god knows.. who else?

Rockstar_Panda4074d ago

Ugly. This year's kit was way better IMO

ultramoot4073d ago

Ugly. I'm so glad Liverpool are dropping Adidas for 2012/13.