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Highlights: Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid [Agg 3-1] (Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg - 03/05/2011)

1-0 Pedro 54'
1-1 Marcelo 64'


1-1 Marcelo 64'

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wantedboys4071d ago

if real madrid want to win the Champions League next year they must do what barcelona is doing pay money to the UEFA. Once again the referee with Barcelona

Corepred44071d ago

This game was better reffed than the last. Although some calls were missed. What was up with the foul called on Ronaldo though that took away the goal? That was bs!

Nightfallen4071d ago

And Mascherano acting like a douche,I mean damn I thought he had a heart attack or something.

zico4071d ago

yes, Real should been leading 1-0, not getting free kick against Ronaldo. Not good ref. Then maybe Barca wouldn`t have so good control like they had now (specially after leading 1-).

But the best team went to the final.

The Hunter4071d ago

Come on! Barcelona won fairly.. Its just a fact that Barcelona is the best team in the world. You are a troll!

zico4071d ago

agree, in two matches Barca was the best team.

krazykombatant4071d ago

LOL best team in the world my hairy ballsack. Probably the best actors in the world... AHHHHHHH something hit me i thinkk...... here here i'm open.

zico4071d ago

@wantedboys: Adebayor should have got RED card for his two tackles (two yellow). The ref wasn`t only against Real this match.

Sahil4070d ago

They shud also pay money to th spanish asso... how else will they win the la liga from barcelona :)

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FootballZilla4071d ago


Goes through with a draw....

that 0-2 away that should of been 0-0 puts them through..


so if pepe didn't actually get sent off real would of gone through...

Fair enough well done barca....

Just like last time vs chelsea well done ;)

kerrak4070d ago

Yeah, we all know the new mantra of madrid fanatics.
If pepe..., if referee...., if diving..., look at that game at 1937, if minute 70..., bla bla bla...
Yet we never see this:

Goals: Barcelona 3 - Madrid 1
Attempts on target: Barcelona 18 - Madrid 8
Fouls: Madrid 56 - Barcelona 31
Posession: Barcelona 68 - Madrid 32
Deliberate stamps/other aggressive actions: Madrid 8 - Barcelona 0
Incompetent manager: Madrid 1 - Barcelona 0

Cry me a river.

TruthBTold4070d ago

If, if, if... Than anything could have happened. Ifs don't guarantee anything. Barca did have some players exagerating fouls but madrids tactics lately have been to foul those they can't stop. Madrid had 31 or 36 fouls at the end of the match. Carvalho was saved from getting a second yellow a couple of times so madrid again would have been left with 10 men. Lass and adebayor were also fouling a lot. Both teams have their tricks to use againts hard opponents. Barca won this one. It is what it is. Ifs don't guarantee it was going to be a different outcome. I don't remember teams using as many excuses as to why they lost until now with madrid thanks to mourinho. Its like they have to win and if they don't their is some conspiracy theory why they lost. Just recently we had madrid loosing to zaragosa and 6 additional minutes were given? Is that normal? Or was someone trying to give madrid as much time as possible to tie or win the game they had been loosing? Stuff like this tends to happen but madrid only complain when it doesn't favor their team.

Sahil4071d ago

Great win for Barca, well played.. DESERVINGLY in th finals!

kulka4071d ago

lol real were terrible in both legs didn't deserve anything better team progressed

Corepred44071d ago

Barca didn't play any better. What do you mean they played terrible in both legs?

kulka4071d ago

they did not create any chances except the goal had only about 30% of the ball in both games

no_more_heroes4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Who is Marceloa? ;)

Anyway, at least Real didn't get anyone sent off this time, although Carvalho made more than two yellow card challenges in the first half. Still, the far better team over the two legs won.

Corepred44071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Adebayor's new nickname is the 'Black Assassin'! lmao that dude is crazy the way he attacks people. i'm surprised he didn't get sent off!
I hate having so few bubbles, can't even have a decent discussion. oh well.
he probably was, Sahil. He played like a madman in both legs! I like how physical he plays when he actually plays the ball though.

Sahil4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Man, am never submitting a news article again, specially not highlights..

Marcelo + Arbeloa = Marceloa :)

@corepred4: He was sent for somebody's assassination, but..!

@HUNTER: am SERIOUS.. Never Ever!

The Hunter4071d ago

"Man, am never submitting a news article again, specially not highlights.."

Haha no worries, did you saw my blog that I put in the report? Here u can look again:

Its really helpfull! We must have more Highlights submitters! Only me, golden, nieuwland and somethimes Zico are only posting highlight! We need competition :P

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