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Furious Cristiano Ronaldo: Barcelona taught Javier Mascherano how to cheat

Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo believes that Barcelona are a great team but complained they have other forces working in their favour.

The capital club were knocked out of the Champions League semi-final by their arch-rivals 3-1 on aggregate after the 1-1 second-leg stalemate at Camp Nou on Tuesday evening.

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ultramoot4073d ago

"He wasn't like this at Liverpool: he learned the cheats of Barcelona."

To be completely honest, he was no saint at Liverpool either. But it's not because of the clubs he played in. He's just a little s**t-head by birth. That is all.

KingPin4072d ago

its not the tackles that injure Javier Mascherano, its the 6 rolls that he makes after going down that hurts him.

Sahil4072d ago

Fergie taught you HOW TO DIVE!!