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Real Madrid Confident of Sealing £35m Deal to Sign Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas is the No 1 target for Real Madrid.
President Florentino Perez will bid £35million to hijack Barcelona’s expected move for the Arsenal skipper.
Cash-strapped Barca are still expected to make another attempt to lure Fabregas to his hometowen club.

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nieuwland144075d ago

He should go to Madrid, at barca he wouldn't play much.

ultramoot4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Hasn't he been trying to go to Barcelona for the past 18 months or so? And isn't he a boyhood Barcelona fan? Why in the world would he decide to join their biggest rivals?

I'd be less surprised if Torres joined Real Madrid.

Sahil4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Torres won't join madrid and cesc won't either, money isn't everything for some players.

Cesc is going to barca this season or the next.

Mozilla894075d ago

Even if he went to Madrid he'd be playing a mid field that already has some good players. They'd have to get rid of Kaka or someone else.

Senden4074d ago

Kaka will go anyway I think.

Snakefist304074d ago

I dont think Kaka will Leave!

Senden4074d ago

Why would he stay? He isn't even first team anymore. He'd be playing first team football for nearly any other club but Mourinho prefers Ozil.

krazykombatant4074d ago

Diarra could be let go.. But yeah it would be incredibly surprising if Fabregas came to Real Madrid. I'm not saying it wouldn't be welcomed. It would help rival that Barcelona mid-field.

krazykombatant4074d ago

LOL Real Madrid just need buy some UEFA refs for next season that's what we need.

4074d ago