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Highlights: Sevilla 2-6 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 05/07/11)

0-1 S. Ramos 21'
0-2 C. Ronaldo 31'
0-3 Kaká 42'
1-3 A. Negredo 61'
1-4 C. Ronaldo 65'
1-5 C. Ronaldo 70'
1-6 C. Ronaldo 75'
2-6 A. Negredo 84'

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no_more_heroes4069d ago


At least Ronaldo's gonna win something over Messi...

ohahCantona4069d ago

haha, but it`s wrong match to score 4 goals in. He should have done this on tuesday....

Corepred44068d ago

Well other than CR7 being a better individual player. He also gets paid more. If that's not winning, I don't know what is. = )

Rockstar_Panda4069d ago

Great thing. Braga's Lima scored 3. xD

zeddy4069d ago

ronaldo and messi are goal machines, how they do it i do not know.