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Real Madrid Make £40m Chelsea Swap Offer: Mourinho Wants Frank Lampard

Jose Mourinho will attempt to persuade Chelsea to sell Frank Lampard this summer.

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ohahCantona4072d ago

I think it would be great for him, coming back to Mourinho. He need new challenge. This season he hasn`t been good enough. we all know his top level

alousow4072d ago

lampard and drogba at real will be beast

Yi-Long4071d ago

... first they let Sneijder en Vd Vaart leave, they bring in Kaka for big bucks, who doesn't perform, and now they want to bring in Lampard for that same Kaka plus 40 million bucks(!)

I think Lampard is a great player, but they still could have had Sneijder, who's at least better than Kaka.

Also, they're already bringing in Sahin, who I think is a great player and a great buy for Madrid, but will he play!?

RedDevils4071d ago

You know why this is not gonna happen? Simple Caughtoffside

kulka4072d ago

is he still worth 40 milion at his age ?

alousow4071d ago

age doesnt matter, its about how u perform, for example u remember zidane

guigsy4071d ago

He will be 33 by the start of next season, I think if he wanted to leave Chelsea he would've done a few years ago.

Idree4071d ago

Nuri Sahin + Lampard =X

Means they gotta ofload Kaka somewhere xD

Snakefist304071d ago

Nuri Sahin is going to play along side with Xabi.Granero,Cannales,Gago Pedro leon will leave!

sickshot694071d ago

it will most likely not happen

TKCMuzzer4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I think real Madrid have probably spent the most money to win the least amount of trophies. This is what happens when your not forced by financial limitations.

HxCGamer4071d ago

least amount of trophies?

TKCMuzzer4071d ago

I mean in comparison to what they spend.

Infernostew4071d ago

2nd most, Man City is 1st.

TKCMuzzer4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Yeah, fair cop.

guigsy4071d ago

Madrid's philosophy is give new manager £200 million and sack them if they don't win the champion's league. No stability, I mean who was their last manager to hold down the job for than a season?

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