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Real Madrid Confirm Signing of Borussia Dormund Midfielder Nuri Sahin

Real Madrid C. F. and Borussia Dortmund have reached an agreement regarding the transfer of Nuri Sahin to the former club, where he will remain six seasons.

One wonders where the talented German born Turkish international will fit into Jose Mourinho’s midfield but there is no denying that the 22 year old has a lot to offer and clearly has the self belief that he can oust one of the La Liga giants big name midfielders out of the starting eleven.

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nieuwland144069d ago

crap i wanted chelsea to sign him as a replacement for lampard.

Corepred44069d ago

Well now Real might get both Sahin and Lampard.

freeduck4069d ago

lol i was also hoping he would join Liverpool

Damn madrid.

HxCGamer4069d ago

dude liverpool has Gerrard lol no need to get greedy with the CAMs
ha but the way liverpool is performing now i don't think they need sahin. lol 3 goals in 15 mins already

but yea madrid needs him, he can easily outperform anything kaka can do

freeduck4069d ago

Why would Madrid need him?
They have Alonso, Kaka, Ozil...
Sahin will just bench

Madrid has the talent already

HxCGamer4068d ago

well i am hoping to get rid of kaka

and ozil is a midfielder but not much of an attacking midfielder

and alonso is a central defensive

we really dont have a true attacking midfielder, well kaka but im honestly not satisfied by him. i will be surprised if he doesnt transfer out this summer ... really surprised

i am positive sahin will be in the starting 11

alousow4069d ago

this guy will end up like sneijder, van der vaart, kaka n ozil, real destroy players lol

Theo11304069d ago

Sneijder was having divorce problems and it was showing on the field, Van Der Varrt was caught in a transition between presidents, and He had a good season but fell off. Kaka was bought with an injury and was out for about 75% since he's been at Madrid. Ozil Is the real deal as he has show it.

alousow4069d ago

lol u got excuses for every1, how about ronaldo i mean the true ronaldo u know "R9" he ended up bad in real, beckham too, they almost destroyed zidane but they couldnt cuz he was a genius, their r lot more players, we can do his all day dont have time for it. ozil did good at the begginings thenhe went off he barely starts now lol

HxCGamer4068d ago

ozil almost always starts, what are u you talking about. and he is genius, the only people he did not perform well against was barcelona. which is clearly the only games u watched....

r9 played wonderful on real madrid
zidane also did(you cant be like yea they destroyed him but he is too good to be destroyed, that makes no friggen sense)
beckham was ok, he was mostly our free kick specialist

kaka having injuries is not an excuse... you clearly have not been following him if you didnt know this... and why would mourhino start him mid-champions league when he is out of shape? he is starting now, because they are trying to get him back in shape now that second place in la liga is guaranteed

van der vaart was never destroyed, he was always an excellent player... he went through a down slope and we just happened to sold him for the right amount of money.

and yes raul!!!

alousow4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )