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Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger To Tempt Real Madrid With £40m Bid For Karim Benzema

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in negotiations with Real Madrid to bring striker Karim Benzema to the Emirates for a deal totalling £40million this summer.

Marca reports the Gunners’ boss wants the 23-year-old to spearhead a new challenge to win the Premier League for the first time in seven years.

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nieuwland144066d ago

He is exactly what arsenal need, a good striker to pair up with van persie.

Theo11304066d ago

Yeah but Benzema needed Jose on his ass about his attitude to get the best out of him, Do you think Wenger will do the same?

RedDevils4065d ago

Wenger is a World Class coach of course he can do it, but will he spend 40ml on a single striker and not buy any defenders or midfielder to strengthen the weak link of his team?

Vherostar4065d ago

Wenger would never spend 40 million on a player I think the past has proved that. Its the reason Arsenal have won FA for over 6 years now and will continue to win FA while he's in charge.

Yi-Long4065d ago

... so why waste 40 million bucks on Benzema, when Arsenal strongly need improvements in other positions!?

I really can't see it happening. I'm certainly not ruling out Arsenal buying another striker or winger, but not for 40 million pounds.

ultramoot4066d ago

CaughtOffside at it again, I see. What's next? "Blackpool tempting Barca with £200m for Messi"?

RedDevils4065d ago

Yeah I wonder people keep posting CaughtOffside here, in other site this source is banned

freeduck4066d ago

40 million and Wenger do not go well together

morten13034065d ago

Benzema need a new club where he can play more. Arsenal could be a good choice.