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80° Who is Arsenal's Player of the Season?

Many Arsenal fans will bemoan what has been another 'not quite there' season under Arsene Wenger, but amidst the criticism levelled at a side through which consistency fails to run with a regularity befitting a title winning side, Gunners supporters will have plenty of positives to take from the 2010-11 campaign.

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no_more_heroes4064d ago

I agree with everything in this article. Jack Wilshere, at 19, has become one of our most important players. All he needs to work on is his temperment (lucky not to be sent off at Stoke) and his finishing and he'll be perfect. Improvement in both comes down to experience, so I'm very optimistic that he will.

Theo11304064d ago

I would have thought that Nasari would be their player of the season.