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Ronaldo blasts a fan in the nose, gives him a shirt

In the 16th minute of Real madrid vs Getafe, with the score still 0-0, Ronaldo cleared a ball into the stands that smacked a guy in the first row right in the face. The guy got a bloody nose and probably wasn't the most comfortable man in the stadium for the rest of the match. But after the final whistle blew, Ronaldo sought him out. Following a bit of confusion over who he was supposed to talk to, he gave the guy a shirt and a picture and apologized for making his nose bleed.

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genocidegeneral2154069d ago

fair play to ronaldo!
good to see (:

Corepred44069d ago

yeah, nice of ronaldo. why couldn't he give him the jersey he wore during the game though?! that part was bs. he was going to give him his jersey until the other guy handed him the new jersey to give to him. i would have wanted the worn jersey, would be worth so much more! lol

genocidegeneral2154069d ago

yeah i saw that ,
maybe thats why :P
that old bloke knew that he'd put it straight on ebay so gave him a shittier one :P

Maradona4069d ago

Nice thing to do by Ronaldo.
Was it his ide???