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Highlights: Levante 1-1 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 11/05/2011)

0-1 Keita 27'
1-1 Caicedo 40'

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no_more_heroes4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

Levante, Hercules and Real Sociedad are the only clubs that can hold their heads up high after both their matches against Barcelona this season. I'm not sure if it was Barcelona not trying hard enough, or Levante completely shutting them down, maybe even a little of both, but from what I saw of the second half of this match (missed the first), Levante didn't allow Barca to get anywhere near their final third of the pitch.

Corepred44519d ago

Wow, was Keita's header from the edge of the box?! Never seen a header hit goal from that far. Nice!

zootang4519d ago

Come on UNITED!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Corepred44519d ago

Way to contribute anything to the comment section of this article.

krazykombatant4519d ago

I know i'm being immature about this... but hey real madrid have won the league 31 times. ;p