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Leo Messi Displays His Magic, Almost Scores Goal of the Season

We have grown used to Leo Messi scoring goals at will but had he put away this effort then he would surely be fast tracked to sainthood.

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nieuwland144062d ago

Crap that would have been magnificent!

Big-Boss4062d ago

any one can play like messi lmfao all you have to do is pass the ball between both feet while playing

The_Nameless_One4062d ago

Greatest Pole save ever...LOL Maybe Arsenal would like to give that pole a contract?

arjman4061d ago

We've already got a Pole, Wojciech Szczęsny

Idree4061d ago

Lol that commentator xD

ryan_s4061d ago

i got to say i hate soccer for the fake falls that players do but this one is actually pretty awesome

Anderson84061d ago

soccer?..whats that?... all i see here is football

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