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EPL Unexpected Heroes: 10 Men Who Came Through Down the 2010-11 Home Stretch

The men on this list have come through with clutch performances when their teams needed it most.

Since the end of the January transfer window, the EPL season has given us a near-excruciating supply of drama.

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nieuwland144065d ago

Maxi has been unstoppable lately.

zinedine4065d ago

Yes 7 goals in 4 games!

LovIbra4064d ago

he has been great after Dalglish came. Hougson didn`t get the best out of him. He is a good player, and a good buy for Liverpool

zeddy4063d ago

i hope maxi's recent form doesnt deter the fans in thinking he's a good player. he is stil a very average player, good squad player but liverpool can do way better.

Sahil4064d ago

Come on Maxi.. just two more games, 2 more hat-tricks will do it :)