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A Truly Insane Arsenal Fan

Seriously this is a troubled individual. Clearly it is perfectly fine to get annoyed when you see your side capitulate from four goals up but this may be going a bit too far. Spotted on the ever excellent Who Ate All the Pies.

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nieuwland144111d ago

I would get mad too, but not this mad

zootang4111d ago

I thought they were all insane and.... French.

Big-Boss4111d ago

meh im more crazier than that guy

Sahil4111d ago

He looks normal to me but that dog.. he's mad :)

alousow4111d ago

the dog said "shut up n stop crying, im trying to sleep".

zackacloud4110d ago

So who recorded this now he/she dead!!!!

Call 112 looool

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