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Man United Set for £20m Real Madrid Bid for In Form Youngster

Manchester United are aware of the growing interest in Javier Hernandez from the continent.

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zootang4062d ago

He supports Manchester United, why would he leave?


He won't, it's just caughtoffside back to their pathetic journalism with no proof.

RedDevils4062d ago

Can you guys please banned this stupid Caughtoffside it really pissing me off 99% of what coming out of this site is full of $hit and most of the rumors are faults!

kane_lfc4061d ago

Such a over-rated player! Scores goal from 2ft tap ins! Peter Odemwengie has scored more than him this season but no one wants to buy him!
He will never be as good as Ronaldo or Messi!

Vherostar4061d ago

I agree with you on that he only beats the offside trap and gets tap ins a decent defence partnership shuts him up quick as he relies on his speed to much. As a backup striker though he does the job the problem is wages Man U don't like paying players a lot in wages and he will now want more it's why Ronaldo left (supposedly) as they won't break there wage cap and it's also why Rooney wanted to leave. Although they did break it for Rooney I doubt they would for Hernandez.

Anderson84061d ago


when did 20+ goals in your debut season for the best team in the country playing at the highest level mean your overrated?.. he scores tap ins because he's a poacher thats his sole purpose to get those kind of goals.. the like of raul, michael owen, gary linaker, ruud van nistelrooy were and are all the same and yet none of them are overrated..

and to compare an out and out striker to ronaldo and messi(niether of whom scored 20 goals in their debut season) is completely ridiculous they're not even close to being the same kind of players, messi and ronaldo are both established world class players at the top of their games who play on the wing, attacking mid or centre forward.. thats like me saying rafael da silva will never be as good as steven gerrard..


so your saying all chicharito's goals have been againt weak teams?.. come on!

ronaldo left because it was his "dream" to play for madrid and he had won everything with united already.. it has nothing to do with wage cap, they would have paid ronaldo as much as rooney to stay.. and united have just offered hernandez a better deal which would double his wages from 25g's a week to 50g's and valued him at 35million.... at no point has he asked for a pay rise

i sometimes wonder if you guys know anything about a situation before commenting...

..or if you know anything about football at all

RedDevils4061d ago

Vherostar and Kane_lfc are two idiots that doesn't know shit what they talking about, please watch football and learn what the players style is, btw stop hating and might stop making you look like clown

Sahil4061d ago

Take him Madrid, spoil another talent.

guigsy4061d ago

Even if it were true (which it isn't) they would need to bid a lot more than that. He's already one of the hottest properties in world football.

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