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'I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Mancini' - Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli

20-year-old Italian has vowed to change his ways and says next year the club's fans will see more from him after injuries disrupted his start to life in the Premier League.

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The_Nameless_One4069d ago

that's because you are such a pain in the neck that no english team wants to touch you. Go back to Italy or leave for spain.

Vherostar4068d ago

Just wow! He is going to be a great player and lately nothing but good press is coming from him especially since he is being hounded by the press. He is also performing on the pitch which is where it matters. He got elbowed in the face off Huth yesterday and never did anything back to him that shows he is learning and becoming a more level headed player. If he settles down he can become one of the leading strikers in Europe he has the potential.

freeduck4068d ago

I agree sometimes he has anger management issues but the press makes him look like a villain. He's still young and has time to mature and improve