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Premier League - Redknapp 'told Suarez wasn't up to it'

Harry Redknapp has revealed that he opted against signing Luis Suarez because he was told by scouts that the Uruguay star would not cope in the Premier League.

Redknapp was considering bringing Suarez to Tottenham in the January transfer window but decided not to pursue the 24-year-old, who then ended up at Liverpool.

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Yi-Long4062d ago

... I guess Tottenham needs some new scouts.

Sahil4062d ago

Sticking to old scouts wud be a better option as far as the top 5 clubs are concerned :)

KazumaKiryu4061d ago

I thought Suarez rejected Tottenham?

DiffusionE4061d ago

He did. He chose Liverpool. I don't know why Redknapp is squawking like he would've got him if he wanted.

Probably just trying mind games before the game. If I remember correctly, he also apparently tried to sign Carroll, Aguero, Llorente, Forlan, Rossi, etc. And he got none of them.

Tottenham are like City. They don't have actual scouts. They just listen for whatever players other big clubs are interested in, and then they try to act as if they discovered them.

Vherostar4061d ago

Well maybe this was the real reason?? The rejection was probably to make it look better to Liverpool fans. Who knows? We never will but one thing is for certain when he first came it looked like he couldn't make it and then came out of his shell. Can he keep it up now for next season? Liverpool fans certainly hope so!