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Highlights: Blackburn 1-1 Manchester United (English Premier League - 14/05/11)

1-0 B. Emerton 20'
1-1 W. Rooney 73'

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cozmo1954063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

wtf? Hernandez kicked the ball off first and he was also offside

zootang4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )


In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!


Penalty was harsh but Valencia should have had a clear penalty early in the 2nd half but I don't think there is a single United fan that cares. The title race was over last week.

karim4062d ago

Congrats for the league..But tbh Blackburn deserved more from this game

Infernostew4062d ago

As a United supporter, I totally agree. We were lucky to come away with a point since Blackburn were looking dangerous every time they had the ball in our half. We were unlucky to get the penalty call for the foul on Valencia and although the challenge on Hernandez was a penalty, it was really harsh but we got the point we needed. Chelsea had a really nice run in the last 2 months and it was a lot of fun having some good competition. Cheers to next season being a good, close race.

mastiffchild4062d ago

Yeah, it's just a shame that Chelsea got it so badly wrong last week-both sets of supporters AND Utd themselves deserved it to be a sterner test than it was but, sadly, the juice wasn't there when Chels put their foot down and I think it will be a few big players last big game in a blue shirt.

So congrats, again to Utd as they proved they deserved it more last week and us Chelsea fans are left wondering just who will be at the Bridge next season. What if they'd never got rid of Ray Wilkins, eh? Shows that losing one back room staff member can nearly totally derail a team of experienced, high class footballing professionals in my book.

Anyway, here's to another ding dong next year. At least Spurs won't be CL, there is, at the very least, that;(

RedDevils4062d ago

It's true we're suck especially Kuszczak, he is so awful is this what he really want us to remember when he leave? But he not the only one to blame, the defenders were all over the place, Evans? Thank God our attacking front is dangerous, But again We're CHAMP19NS that all it matter :)

zico4062d ago

Congrats, next season we are equally;-)

King Kenny > Sir Alex
Liverpool > Man U
19 = 19

zootang4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Man United 1st > Liverpool 5th
Sir Alex 27 titles > Little Ken 7
Manchester United 19 > Liverpool 18

Chicharito > Saurez
Rooney > Carroll
Valencia > Maxi
Vidic > Carragher
Carrick > Gerrard
Nani > Kuyt

Champions and Champions League finalists, the rest are just pretenders

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Big-Boss4062d ago

arsenal pwns both teams nuff said.

Anderson84062d ago

lol you guys dont even have champions league football to look forward to next year... get outa here


6years no trophy.... need i say more

guigsy4061d ago

Every season it's Liverpool's year if you listen to their fans. Switch on, you'll do well to finish fourth.

zico4061d ago

yes, I agree "guigsy". We have said this for several years now, but here is why I think next year will be OUR year:
1. King kenny is back (from the start of the season). He has an authority that we have been waiting for in a long time now. He will get maximum out of both thought the stars and young talents.
2. We have a team that has gained confidence and belief to succeed. so have the fans, which is important.
3. New owners who who has money, and that makes liverpool to bring in some reinforcements for next season.
4. This year we showed that we can beat the best, we have beaten all the top 4 teams. We struggle against teams in the bottom, something that both paragraphs 1 and 2 will be able to help.

King Kenny > Sir Alex
Liverpool > Man U
19 = 19

xtremegamerage4062d ago

That was not a penalty, tricked the ref yet again.

Left his leg there, if you cannot see that, you are blind.

Utd have been fortunate to win the league this time.

Champions league is barcelona's

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