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Hernandez v Suarez – The Debate

Suarez… Hernandez? That’s what Liverpool and Manchester United fans have been arguing as both are taking the Barclays Premier League by storm. Although Hernandez has had more time to settle in England, having being bought for only £9millon from Guadalajara in the summer, Suarez has taken like the proverbial duck to life in England’s top flight since his £23million move from Ajax in January.

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zootang4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Hernandez is by far the better signing at 6m and 20 goals. Suarez cost 23m and scored 4, lol.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

cozmo1954062d ago

but then you could say
Suarez has set up more goals than Hernandez in a shorter amount of games

Hernandez scores more goals but alot loes assists
Suarez less goals but alot more Assists


Put it this way, all Man Utd fans are gona say Hernandez and all Liverpool fans will go for Suarez.

zootang4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Goals win games and we won the title thanks to Chicharito scoring some important goals and well, he is a striker after all. 6m

RedDevils4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

well Suarez is a striker isn't he ain't he suppose to score? btw they both a two different kind of players, Hernandez is a poacher and Suarez is wing forward

Yi-Long4061d ago

... Hernandez is fantastic at scoring goals (and I wish Sir Alex would have found that out earlier in the season when I still had him in my fantasy league but Ferguson didn't put him in the squad...(!) )

... and Suarez is just a brilliant little genius who does amazing stuff, has a lot of assists, keeps defenders busy, has a winner's mentality, and will also score lots of goals for Liverpool in the future.

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freeduck4061d ago

I think they are two different players with diff playing styles.
Hernandez has an advantage because he was bought in the summer and had time to adapt, whereas Suarez was bought in late January but is doing quite well. Not to mention that he created a lot of assists
A fair comparison should be saved for the '11-'12 season

ProjectVulcan4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

You argue who is a bit better but you can't really argue that Suarez is nearly four times the player Hernandez is, because he obviously isn't although he cost that amount. Hernandez is by far the better value, and thus the better signing right now for me.

What is more Hernandez has displaced Berbatov- the premier league's top scorer in Man Utd's first team. Thats how good he has been this season. Suarez was bought to play immediately and an automatic choice, Hernandez was so good he earnt his place over another class player.

Lord Anubis4061d ago

That would mean Hernandez is a natural 9 while Suarez plays more like a 10

Upbeat4061d ago

Well in saying that i think that rooney has only ever had more goals in a season than torres has had, so does that make torres better?

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kulka4062d ago

Suarez for me he has been far more involved in the build up at Liverpool his dribbling skills make even the best defenders look like kids he has plenty of assists is a hard worker he will be player of the season next year.
Hernandez is also very good but remember that he has rooney valencia scholes giggs and the rest along him which obviously makes it easier

RedDevils4061d ago

no Hernandez make it look easier, tell me who can take better chance than him with a goal ratio, I bet not many

zico4062d ago

No doubt who I want on my team: Suarez.

Vherostar4062d ago

Different type of player Suarez is more of a team player type striker where as Hernandez likes to beat the offside trap. That's why you never see Hernandez setting up goals. A good quick defence shuts Hernandez up the same cannot be said about Suarez so I pick him for that reason. Also Suarez is proven now in 2 leagues. So far 1 season for Hernandez in the prem lets see if he can do 2 for 2 yeah?

RedDevils4061d ago

lol and you tell me Hernandez is not a team player? watch him when the team is in danger and you would know what I mean

zeddy4061d ago

suarez is a lot more easier on the eye with all his tricks and more entertaining to watch but hernandez gets goals which WIN games which is more important.

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