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Highlights: Liverpool 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League - 15/05/11)

0-1 R. Van Der Vaart 9'
0-2 L. Modric 56'

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cozmo1954061d ago

webb just plain hates Liverpool

NewMonday4061d ago

First hello everyone

Spurs played strong defense and disruptive play, they also figured out most of Liverpool goals come from flank crosses or flank penetration and closed them tight.

For Liverpool to respond to this they need to go thru the middle, but the best players in that department Merlis and Gerard are injured, stuff started happening only when Shelvy came on, did OK but still young.

Rodriguez and Kyut move and work a lot but in a game like this we need players who can play in tight space and are good ball receivers.

Carroll has a great future but in the present I can't help but fell he disrupts our game, next year maybe he should play off the bench and commit to developing more.

RedDevils4061d ago

yeah whatever make you sleep, but that even so Liverpool doesn't even look like they gonna get an equalizer great day for a United nothing is better :D

NewMonday4061d ago

What does this game have to do with united?

Will you lot always be bitter?

Sahil4061d ago

Although we did not win, we played hard I would have liked to see a little more attacking and spirit going for the ball. It seemed like we just waited for the ball to come to our feet. The other team had great defense a lot faster then we are use to. we will learn from this loss. I am not disappointed. YNWA!

zico4061d ago

shit,didn`t see this happen:-(

freeduck4061d ago

I guess the Liverpool players really do not want to play in Europa next season. It's evident this season, which explains our early dismissal from Europa, we have no motivation for that kind of league.
Really terrible performance all around.
When Carroll is on the pitch, the fullbacks hoof it towards him. It's not his fault, just something Kenny needs to address the squad.
We did not see the pass-and-move football that we saw for the past 8 games.

This game is evidence that we need width, a new central midfielder, and defenders.

Oh, and Howard Webb is a DISGRACE!

Sahil4061d ago

Meireles factor lost us the game..

Don't blame Webb.. his philosophy of supporting united(by spoiling lfc games) will never change.

Maradona4061d ago

Poor performance from lfc. Just hoping Birmingham can beat Tottenham in the last round.

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The story is too old to be commented.