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Carlo not waving goodbye yet

Carlo Ancelotti admitted after Chelsea's 2-2 home draw against Newcastle that he still has no idea whether he will be in charge next season.

Ancelotti took part in the customary lap of honour at Stamford Bridge after the game and waved to supporters as they chanted 'Carlo, Carlo'.

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karim4059d ago

Love you Carlo but doubt you'll be here next season

mastiffchild4058d ago

Ancelotti has shown himself to be a GREAT man with the compassion he's shown by donating al the income from his autobiography(along with plenty of his own money to begin with)to the charity he began to help former teammates and footballers suffering with a syndrome they suspect was picked up whilst they were at Fiorentina in the 80s and 90s-I forget the name of the condition and charity but reading about him supporting his mate who has, now, to type using a prodder attached to his head because the condition has paralysed him, was heart wrenching. I watched Fergie moaning about some pointless football stuff just before it(not knocking Fergie in particular just showing the perspective-Sir Alex is a great manager and eserving of respect)so it made me realise that Carlo has it right and his priority isn't AKLWAYS the game.

He looks pretty mean and moody but apparently he's the nicest guy in the World and footy needs more like him if it's to lose it's image issues. He may never be the most successful or accepted Chelsea manager but he has restored much of my faith in football through his actions-if only more people knew of his work in England he might get a lot me respect. If he goes Chelsea may do better on the pitch but off it Carlo has been an exercise in class. Whatever he does next I wish him all the best. I also hope his charity can find something to offer hope to the poor ex footballers with this debilitating syndrome.

Mozilla894058d ago

I want him to stay, besides who are they going to replace him with? I heard Avram Grant is free...