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Ajax dropped their trophy off a bus too

Yahoo Sports: I don't know why footballers are having such a hard time handling their trophies all of the sudden, but less than a month after Sergio Ramos dropped Real Madrid's Copa del Rey under a bus, it's happened again. This time, it was even a goalkeeper who dropped it -- Ajax's Maarten Stekelenburg was sitting atop the bus with a teammate and the Dutch Eredivisie shield as the club paraded through the streets of Amsterdam when it was knocked out of their hands by overhead power lines and fell off the back of the bus.

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Lol, Why no open top bus? The players didn't look like they wanted to party.

The Hunter4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

They went to the Museumplein in Amsterdam to celebrate the title with the fans!! Here a video:

I was there :)

Idree4066d ago

Just like Real Madrid, Ajax wasn't used to winning trophies after a 6 year dry spell xD

Rage_S904065d ago

loooooool i wonder what aresenal will do if they win O_o?

karim4066d ago

Looks like they pulled a Ramos

ShinFuYux4065d ago

See, at least there was a good reason why they dropped it. Real Madrid just dropped it out of the blue~

The Hunter4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

There is a little dent in the trophy, and Ajax doesnt want to fix it.. It is a little bit history how this happen after a difficult season!! (Board vs Cruijff)

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