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Liverpool beat Chelsea and Real Madrid to sign Alex O'Hanlon

Liverpool Football Club today completed the signing of Irish starlet Alex O'Hanlon. The signature of the 15-year-old left-sided player probably won't excite many fans but it should.

Reds boss Kenny Dalglish has been tracking O'Hanlon ever since he was at the Academy and within days of his appointment as Liverpool's permanent manager, he has overseen a huge coup.

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Maradona3627d ago

Great talent. Looking forward to see him.

karim3626d ago

Bet you never watched him play...

jony_dols3626d ago

Your just pissed that he turned down Chelsea...

karim3626d ago

You're* and no coz I never watched him play to get pissed neither did Maradonna or you

Maradona3625d ago

Why do you bet on that? How much will you bet???

DiffusionE3627d ago

Let's hope he doesn't end up like Pacheco.

kulka3626d ago

Good singing Irishmen have always done well at Liverpool