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Beating Barcelona would end Manchester United debate says Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson believes a Champions League final win over Barcelona at Wembley would end any debate about the merits of his current Manchester United side.

The Red Devils will be crowned champions for a record 19th time next Sunday, after what promises to be, for the opposition at least, a tense last-day encounter with relegation-threatened Blackpool at Old Trafford.

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no_more_heroes4057d ago

Man Utd will fail if they try to match them. Their best chance to beat Barca is to "Arsenal" them and hit them on the counter with long balls to the top, since Barca hold an even higher line than Arsenal. Man Utd is the best team in Europe at counterattacking.

zootang4057d ago

Will you be supporting United in the Champions League Final?

no_more_heroes4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I'm a Barca fan. Don't really like Man Utd too much, but I respect what they do. I'm neutral for this one. May the better team on the day win.

RedDragan4056d ago

Being British I will obviously root for the English club, but this Barcelona is a talented squad however they are certainly not unbeatable.

It will be an enjoyable match, if it is even half as good as the Swansea vs. Forest match lastnight then it would be considered a classic final.