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Highlights: Swansea 3-1 Nottingham Forest (Championship Play-offs Semi-Final 2nd Leg - 16/05/11)

1-0 L. Britton 28'
2-0 S. Dobbie 33'
2-1 R. Earnshaw 80'
3-1 D. Pratley 90'+3'

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zootang4513d ago

Swansea deserved it over the two legs. They played some fantastic football in the first leg with 10 men. I wanted Forrest to win but after watching Swansea dominate with only ten men I could see them winning the playoffs.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

RedDragan4513d ago

Without a doubt Swansea play the best football I have in the Championship for many, many years. And this is at a time when I do not think England's second tier has ever had such high quality through out the division.

Last nights game was absolutely amazing and a complete breath of fresh air from the Premier League and Champions League. That match was pure entertainment, I hope the Swans can get to the Premier League. I think they will be fine there and what is frightening is that this is how the club now operatates, 3 different managers but the core gameplan is still in place because the board of directors do not want it any other way.

Apparently Mourinho watches out for the Swans games because he good friend is his former apprentice, the Swans manager Rogers.

Big-Boss4513d ago

stfu with that untited we stand crap im an arsenal fan here