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DTotD: Reina, Skrtel and Lucas take down a naked man

In addition to the daring Manchester United fans with their banner prank, Liverpool also had to do with a pitch invader late in the second half of their loss to Spurs on Sunday.

And making it all that much worse, the guy was completely naked except for a pair of black socks.

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karim3644d ago

Slow security for the players they've been watching some rugby

Big-Boss3644d ago

he got taken down lmfao

Darkspade3644d ago

When will EA add this the FIFA LMAO

mac4u103644d ago

haaha thats so ture bubbles for you

zico3644d ago

Ban these guys for life. Nothing to do on a footballgroud.

ChrisW3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I think saying that they will taser anyone who enters the field will deter a good number of idiots!

KingsCross3643d ago

I just find kind of funny with those idiots entering the field. It reminds in how stupid its going to be in chasing some seconds of fame.

Cat3643d ago

seriously, tase that bro, lol