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FC Barcelona: 5 Candidates to Replace Pep Guardiola If He Leaves Barca

The hot seat of FC Barcelona is among the most courted jobs in football. Rumor has it that Jose Mourinho’s apparent bitterness towards FC Barcelona stems from the fact that he wasn’t employed to replace outgoing manager, Frank Rijkaard.

As the legend goes, Johan Cruyff didn’t endorse a potential move for the Special One because of his defensive-minded approach and penchant to stir controversy.

Besides, managers who want the post of FC Barcelona’s manager must adhere to Barca’s philosophy and not the other way around. It’s the unique requirement that narrows down the potential list of candidates considerably. Let’s meet the five most likely choices.

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kulka4057d ago

no one is capable to replace Guardiola maybe another former Barca player would be best solution if he leaves which i doubt

KingsCross4056d ago

Maybe the coach of Porto. Seems like a decent kind of manager with good results and attitude. He is compared to Morinho, wich must be considered as good...