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Highlights: Manchester City 3-0 Stoke City (English Premier League - 17/05/11)

1-0 C. Tévez 14'
2-0 J. Lescott 53'
3-0 C. Tévez 63'

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no_more_heroes4107d ago

Like how City played in this match. They should play like this more.

On another note, unless Arsene does something drastic this summer, this match officially signals Man City knocking Arsenal out of the top four.

It's gonna be a long time before Arsenal becomes a top club again. I'm officially depressed now.

Vherostar4105d ago

Winning the FA cup seems to have given them confidence the one thing they been lacking this season. It's the reason they lost against Arsenal away. You could see the lack of confidence going forward but that doesn't seem to be the case no more. The futures looking good for City :)

freeduck4106d ago

Top 4 next season (in no order)
Liverpool, ManCity, ManU, Chelsea

Arsenal 5th, Tottenham 6th

Arsene will continue to screw up season after season

Tottenham will not be good enough

ohahCantona4106d ago

in order:
1 ManU
4 Chelsea

5. Newcastle

Sahil4106d ago

Is newcastle getting highly-rich owners, that is the only way they can finish 5th.. :)

genocidegeneral2154106d ago

liverpool winning the league?
dont talk out your ass lol

Corepred44106d ago

He obviously said, in no order.

Sahil4106d ago

Yeah, i don't care who wins the league next season, i just want LIV to do a top 4 finish, that is the only wish :)

Vherostar4105d ago

I agree on top 4 Liverpool will probably dislodge Arsenal if they don't spend on quality in the summer (which they probably won't SHOCKER!).

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zico4106d ago

City have had a great season this year. But if they loose tevez next year,they loose maybe their best player? Who can replace his place?

Vherostar4105d ago

I honestly think Tevez is going nowhere but it is up to him. He wants to leave for personal issues and nothing more the problem is who can afford him? There is about 4 teams in the world that could and they all are battling the new FFP so I doubt they would.