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Daniel Sturridge demands Chelsea chance

Daniel Sturridge has warned parent club Chelsea that he will be forced to look elsewhere if he is not a first-team regular next season.

The 21-year-old striker has proven his Premier League pedigree during a loan spell at Bolton, notching eight goals in 11 appearances since his arrival in January.

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Vherostar4054d ago

Not got a chance he found his level and hes not good enough for a top 4 teams its why City wouldn't increase his contract and let him go and it's why Chelsea loaned him out. Plus hes a cheeky bugger for demanding anything from Chelsea. Do you really think he is going to get ahead of Drogba, Anelka and Torres? I don't think so..

mastiffchild4054d ago

Well, IDK about how cheeky he is(confidence being a great thing about young players-though his supposed actions at Citeh do call a lot into question if he really did demand all he's said to have done)but I don't like the implication that he hasn't HAD any chances at Chelsea before now because he has. He's not likely, as you say, to just get a run in the side and needs to turn one of the many, many goalless sub appearances and the odd game he starts in the league into goals. At the minute he'd be behind even Kalou at Chelsea and you don't wanna be there yet when he first came he had plenty of chances inho, he got a lot of pitch time and the only time I felt he WAS let down and deserved better was when he'd done so well in the FA cup(albeit not against anyone good)AND had kept his head down scoring for fun in the reserves. Thing was-Anelka was in the process of winning us the league by ensuring we didn't miss Drogs and Dan was left without much to show for his good effort. What could Carlo do though
? Drop Nic when he was scoring EVERY first team game? Play Sturridge out of position when he was also scoring freely in the reserves and FA cup side?

Apart from that, though, he's had a few chances even this season and failed to shine even briefly for Chelsea in the EPL and never against anyone of any standard. He's still got a lot to prove as a Chelsea class footballer and while I like players to be a bit cocky and confident I also trust them to stay realistic about things and don't know what he means by "regular" first team football. He was getting on most games for a long while when he was at Chelsea-he just never got to start very often.

No, imo he's going to have to be more patient than he's currently making out he can be because he's not going to have the luxury of a nice run of six or seven games to settle into a rhythm at Chelsea like he did at Bolton. He'll get, maybe, one or two starts if Torres and whoever/or whoever is injured/out of form(again!)but beyond that he has to grab his chance and score. It's that simple for a young striker making a reputation as he's nothing to fall back on, no catalogue of effort and past class and it's tough doing that spadework at a club where you're so under the microscope but he knew what it was like at City and what Chelsea were about coming in.

Therefore, I'm assuming he's saying he's happy to give Chelsea one last massive push and see if he can start high up the ladder rather than having to work a few seasons lower down the league and earn a rep that way. I hope he gets his wish and takes the chance when it comes cos the boy has talent and pace to burn and just needs the right attitude to really make it. LOTS of work for him, still, to do at Chels, though, lots.