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Wayne Rooney offers to fight Liverpool fan in Twitter rant

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney warned a Twitter follower "I'll put u asleep within 10 seconds" as he became involved in an online altercation.

The England international came in for late-night abuse from the follower who taunted him: "Rooney ya fat w***e ill smash ya head in with a pitchin wedge an bury ya with a ballast fork ya fat ugly lil n***e."

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The Hunter4104d ago

Oh gosh.. He need attention again!

zootang4104d ago

People just can't stop writing about him.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand

Corepred44104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

You gotta love Rooney. He is very upfront and he doesn't shy away from controversy, lol. Rooney is awesome.

And what bad words are these: w***e and n***e. lmao i really can't figure it out. Are they English swear words?!

Big-Boss4104d ago

lmfAo rooney got pwned he deserved it tho

Senden4104d ago

Good for Rooney! In these days of professionalism and almost robotic responses from footballers, it makes a nice change to see someone do something more normal.


A Liverpool and Man Utd fan threatening each other is not rare people. Atleast in this case Rooney didn't start it.

kane_lfc4104d ago

Well I...I dont give a fuck!

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The story is too old to be commented.