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Young footballer’s unconvincing, yet very theatrical dive

Of all the game's aspects, the diving business must be the toughest part for many little kids. That kind of deception just isn't in their make-up (yet), so their attempts to emulate the theatrics they see from the pros can be pretty hilarious.

Young Matthew, for example, starts off his effort to draw a foul all wrong. He bumps into his unsuspecting opponent's back ever so slightly, then as the other kid runs away, he goes into this Frankenstein type slow motion fall onto his rear end.

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alousow4055d ago

ahahhahahhahahahahaa im goimg to try that. lol

Sahil4055d ago

Is he related to ronaldo..?? LOL

Corepred44054d ago

Nah, with that slow reaction time he must be related to messi. lol

sokrates4053d ago

Looks like a Barca player... or like Ronaldo #7