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Tevez: I want to leave Man City

Manchester City skipper Carlos Tevez has told Argentinian radio that he is seeking a move away from the club as he needs "a change of scene".

Tevez, 27, has played an integral part in City's success this season and after helping the club end their 35-year trophy drought with victory in the FA Cup last Saturday, manager Roberto Mancini insisted the former Manchester United man was staying at Eastlands.

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zootang4053d ago

He was only thinking of the money when he signed for them anyway. What were people expecting?

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil4053d ago

as far as i remember he was a sub at united.. a player of his calibre shud be a part of playing XI, he's the best player in man city.

guigsy4052d ago

It's pains me to say it but selling Tevez was a big mistake by Fergie. We should've tied him down long term using the money we eventually spent on Berbatov. However, he's always bitching in the media and we all know Fergie doesn't take any shit from his players. We have Hernandez now anyway.

RedDevils4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

@guigsy what I heard is that WE didn't really sell him but we did get something out his sale I think, he was on loan from West ham for 2 seasons with us, we refused to pay the money of the wages he demanded, so he went off to citeh, well a traitor I would careless of whatever he do, he still whine at citeh it's a Good thing the Gaffer got rid of him

b163o14052d ago

Almost like C.Ronaldo and Real Madrid

Bottom line if a players not happy they should move on. If Carlos goes, best of luck to him. He will be considered a legend @MCFC. Three years he's given us so much, and will be missed.
Thanks for the ride, but no club stops for one man.

zootang4052d ago

We also get a bumper, of his sale. Bonus!

DiffusionE4053d ago

Make up your mind already.

"I want to leave.....I might be staying....Actually, I DID want to leave....I could possibly stay....No, wait, I definitely want to leave......or not."


Yeah family problems do that you.

DiffusionE4053d ago

Yeah sure. "I'm feeling homesick" is indeed a common Argentinian family-problem, that can, apparently, be rectified by moving to Italy or Spain. LOL!


Well Spain and Italy are kinda similar environments to Argentina not to mention the main language spoken in Argentina is Spanish, so maybe his family will be more comfortable living in Spain.
The Premier League is without doubt the best league in the world but England is not exactly the best place to live for foreigners who enjoy the sun, especially if their rich.

4053d ago
johnsonbat4052d ago

There's no doubt that Tevez is a great player but with the bottomless pockets Man City have they could probably entice any other player on the planet to replace him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go and see someone like Villa, Messi or Ronaldo come in. $1m per week here we come.

RedDevils4051d ago

Messi or Ronaldo come in? LOL seriously that would never happen

johnsonbat4050d ago

Yeah you're right, they'll buy Ronaldo annnnd Messi. hahahahaha