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Liverpool FC: Do the Reds Still Need Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard is the embodiment of Liverpool Football Club. He’s been the captain, talisman and figurehead of Liverpool for the past decade. No Liverpool fan, or football fan for that matter, will forget an inspirational Gerrard leading Liverpool to European glory in 2005, but despite what a minority of Liverpool fanatics may tell you, it’s not the same club in recent years.

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Sahil4064d ago

Are you freakin kiddin me, YES!!

Vherostar4062d ago

I disagree they are somehow a stronger team without him it seems and thats because he isn't the player he once was (obviously due to age) They should cash in on him while hes still worth something like they did with Torres and replace with 2 youngsters with bags of talent and still have some left over.

Sahil4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Yes but we still need him because of the kind of player he is, am not saying that he shud play every match.. he'll be a sub sometimes(there are almost 50-60 matches in a year.. nowadays) but he won't leave the club and we shudn't sell him, no way.. he's an inspiration to the youth. In 10 years, I still see him with LFC :)