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Highlights: Manchester United 4-2 Blackpool (English Premier League, 22.5.11)

1-0 Ji Sung 21'
1-1 Adam 40'
1-2 Fletcher 57'
2-2 Anderson 63'
3-2 Evatt (o.g.) 74'
4-2 Owen 81'

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nieuwland143679d ago

Congrats Manchester, you deserved it this season. But next season Chelsea will be back...

sokrates3679d ago

Thanks a lot! I am pretty sure we will end up fighting Chelsea next season as well, but I guess we are gonna win that one as well.

ohahCantona3679d ago

I don`t think chelsea will challange us next season. Their players ae to old and many of them are over the top. Torres will not success in Chelsea. I think City is the only team who will challange us. They have the best squad and money to buy even more class players.

BUT we will fight and take the 20th;-)

RedDevils3679d ago

But who will be their next manager that will big question tho

freeduck3679d ago

Even as a Liverpool fan I cannot say that ManU didn't deserve it this season. They have been consistent for the most part, while their rivals were not.

Good job, and looking forward to next season.

CYBERSNAKE3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

It's sad watching Blackpool get relegated, they tried so hard, I didn't even cheer for any of our goals.

zootang3679d ago

CHAMP19NS! We fought hard for it this season. Well done lads! Gutted for Blackpool really wanted them to stay up.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil3679d ago

Hey, have you opened a store?

karim3678d ago

Erm...Advertising is banned on 11x2

zootang3678d ago

We're the famous Man Utd and we are going to wembley!

guigsy3679d ago

As a Utd fan I wanted Blackpool to stay up, so I would've taken a draw. The more northern clubs in the league the better.

Anderson83678d ago

same i like the football the play and the league is better with them in it.. i was almost disappointed we won ...almost